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Young Writers - Your Voice!

NEW. Opportunity To Develop Young Writers

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Short stories, poems, prose, plays, reviews, details of local events..... whatever the interest in writing... we have a new opportunity.


For young people - aged 10 to 14.


NEW INITIATIVE: We are looking at forming a young writers 'group'. To come to SWINDON 105.5 studios... write, be supported in developing writing.. and to record your writings, if you would like to!


Thea, now aged 10, has been coming in to the studios for a few months on Saturday mornings and now researches and writes a short piece about a musical track, which she records for broadcast each week. And has gone on to join the team and go out to a couple of events to record interviews.....

You could write items for use in our Sunday "Rhythm and Rhye" programme...


Just write for yuorself to develop your skills.


Call SWINDON 611555 for a chat. Or come and visit the studios, chat.

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