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We're now also on DAB for Swindon and Marlborough. Click to view


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DAB for Swindon and Marlborough

Hear the Station on FM, Smart Speakers, Online, through our fab mobile App... Listen again and Catch up... AND

From Friday 15th March also on DAB, the 16th anniversary of SWINDON 105.5 launching its service.

*You may need to re-scan your radio to find us for the first time.

*You may need to have a DAB+ Radio/receiver

You can be on DAB too

Multiplex Capacity Allocation and Charging Policy Our mission is to enable people in Swindon and Marlborough to enjoy new radio services, whilst operating sustainably and supporting broadcasters based in our city. Our service covers about 180,000 people around Swindon, Marlborough, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wroughton and Purton

Total Services Available To Broadcasters:

4 @ 36CUs (48kbit/s)

C-DSP Capacity. This capacity is available to holders of C-DSP (Community-Digital Service Provider) licences.

Qualifying Criteria: Hold a valid C-DSP licence for a service located within our coverage area.

Price: £350 per year


General Capacity:

This capacity is available to any broadcaster for audio and/or data services.


£180 per month for 48kbps (36CUs)

£120 per month for 32kpbs (24CUs)


Price is for good quality stereo music capacity of 36CUs (48kbit/s, DAB+) or medium quality stereo music capacity of 24CUs (32kbit/s, DAB+)

Rates can be applied pro-rata for lower or high numbers of capacity units


Call Swindon 611555 or




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