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Turkey Earthquake Appeal

Ukrainian helping Turkish volunteer in Swindon. Click to Listen

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PHOTO: Swindon Ukrainian man helps Turkish Earthquake Appeal

Shirley Ludford, DL


One of our Radio Station volunteers, a Turkish mother, lost her young sister in this week's earthquake. Whilst I visited her, her sister in law who was comforting her, received a call that her elderly friend had also just died, having slept in a car for 4 days and had no medication. This photo shows a Swindon Ukrainian helping a Turkish volunteer taking in donations. Donations of tents, sleeping bags and medicines are needed. And every £1 helps. Do call for us details. SWINDON 611555


Saleh Saeed, Chief Executive of the DEC says “In Turkey alone, over 6,000 buildings including schools and health centres have collapsed, with infrastructure vital to everyday life such as sanitation and water supplies badly damaged. Funds are urgently needed to support families with medical aid, emergency shelter, food and clean water in freezing, snowy conditions. Fourteen of our member charities are now in Turkey and Syria and can do more with your help. We know that money is tight for many people here in the UK as the cost-of-living crisis continues, but if you can, please do donate to support people caught up in this deadly disaster

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