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Pandemic and Positivity. Our Mental Health

9 Hours for dedicated programming 1st July

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SWINDON 105.5 amd Zurich Community Trust broadcast 9 hours of programming around a key issue or sucject, which this year is "Pandemic Two Years On - Our Mental Health".

Our Mental Health. From a wide range of angles, subjects and guests including . Dtimulation of Conversation. Sport and Exercise.

Dedicated Cafes. Men. Young People. Specific needs and barriers of cultural groups.. The power of music and the arts...

FRIDAY 1st JULY 9am-7pm

If you have comments or would like to get in touch, call 01793 611555 or send us an email.


9am Our Mental Health

10am Children and Young People

11am Mental Health and Men

12 noon Value of Being Active

1pm Cultural Groups

2pm Stimulation of Conversation

3pm Magic of Music and Arts

4pm Interaction not Isolation

5pm includes brief updates

6pm Roundtable Discussion

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