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3rd-9th May

We are lucky that Literature, as a written and spoken word-based activity, lends itself to being presented successfully in a variety of ways, including live or online.

This means that a festival of literature can happen, in Swindon, in a three-tier blended fashion: live, ‘live’ online, and recorded online.


Ours is a Festival, which, to only slightly paraphrase T S Eliot, ‘boldly assumes the existence of a public interested in serious literature, eager to be kept in touch with current good 3rd to 9th May. We’ll listen, watch, talk, think, and take part in a festival that dares to take literature seriously, and thereby has more fun.

After all, language and literature evolved so that discussion and good chat could replace time-consuming mutual grooming, didn't it?


This year, there will be online events daily  -- some live in real time, others recorded  -- at midday, afternoon, teatime, and in the evening, carefully spaced and placed to enable you to ‘attend’, view, or hear as many as your own timetable and stamina allow.

But please note, you do not have to buy tickets because most online events are FREE.

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