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Election 2021

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Local Borough elections take place on Thursday 6th May this year.


21 of the council's 57 seats are up for grabs over 20 wards. For the first time in a number of years an independent candidate is standing in every ward meaning 95 people are standing in this years election, one of the largest in recent campaigns.

Those candidates represent six different parties - Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Greens and two smaller parties, The Libertarian Party and the For Britain Movement.


In Wroughton and Wichelstowe two ward seats are being contested.

This is due to one is the seat currently held by sitting councillor Brian Ford who is standing for re-election is at the end of its normal four-year cycle. The other has been vacated by Liberal Democrat Andy Spry a year early. The candidate winning the second highest number of votes will be elected for one year before the end of that seat’s normal term when it will again be contested in 2022.


There is also a by-election in Chiseldon & Lawn ward caused by the death of Conservative deputy mayor Brian Mattock last month. The successful candidate will sit for two years until the four-year term runs out.




Blunsdon & Highworth

Andrew DAY Green Party

Tara HURST Independent

Kier BAYNHAM Labour Party Candidate

Michael HEAL Liberal Democrat

Vijay MANRO The Conservative Party Candidate



Helen DUNN Independent

Rajhia ALI Labour and Co-operative Party

Garry PORTER Liberal Democrat

Lourenco FERNANDES The Conservative Party Candidate


Chisledon & Lawn

Paul SUNNERS Green Party

Wayne BARROWMAN Independent

Mohammad KHATIB Labour Party

Fareed AHMED QUIDWAI Liberal Democrat

William HORLEY The Conservative Party Candidate


Covingham & Dorcan

Claire BARTHOLOMEW Independent

Ronald WILSON Labour Party Candidate

Ionel TAMAS Liberal Democrat

Barbara PARRY The Conservative Party Candidate



Leslie VALAT- DESGRANGES Independent

Marina STRINKOVSKY Labour Party

Stan PAJAK Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Bhawna GOYAL The Conservative Party Candidate


Gorsehill & Pinehurst

Andy BENTLEY Green Party

Andrew OSBORNE Independent

Ray BALLMAN Labour Party Candidate

Joseph POLSON Liberal Democrat

Carl JONES The Conservative Party Candidate


Haydon Wick

Jacek ZMARZLIK Green Party

Oliver DONACHIE Independent

Vincent MONTGOMERY Independent

Daniel DAVIS Labour Party Candidate

John JACKSON The Conservative Party Candidate


Liden. Eldene & Park South

Martin COSTELLO Independent

Steve ALLSOPP Labour and Co-operative Party

Malcolm SALMON Liberal Democrat

Curtis FLUX The Conservative Party Candidate


Lydiard & Freshbrook

Glynis HALES Green Party

Julie JONES Independent

Trish PHILPOT Labour and Co-operative Party

Chris SHEPHERD Liberal Democrat

Matty COURTLIFF The Conservative Party Candidate


Mannington & Western

Nicky IDDON Green Party

Deborah FINE Independent

Kevin SMALL Labour and Co-operative Party

Deborah KING Liberal Democrat

Suresha GATTAPUR The Conservative Party Candidate

Ian BAXTER The For Britain Movement


Old Town

Bill HUGHES Green Party

Stephen WOODHAM Independent

Jane MILNER-BARRY Labour Party

Martin WILTSHIRE Liberal Democrat

Tim ALMOND Libertarian Party

Lawrence ELLIOTT The Conservative Party Candidate


Penhill & Upper Stratton

Kate HENERY Green Party

Daniel LEGG Independent

Ravi VENKATESH Labour and Co-operative Party

Michelle HORROBIN Liberal Democrat

Dan SMITH The Conservative Party Candidate


Priory Vale

Stephen LITCHFIELD Green Party

Elena MARI Independent

Ian EDWARDS Labour Party Candidate

Jo MORRIS The Conservative Party Candidate



Kevin RITCHIE Independent

Sam JAMES Labour Party

Fiona MCANESPIE Liberal Democrat

Gary SUMNER The Conservative Party Candidate


Rodbourne Cheney

Rod HEBDEN Green Party

Alexandra PEARCE Independent

Pam ADAMS Labour Party Candidate

Geoffrey KING Liberal Democrat

Sudha NUKANA The Conservative Party Candidate



Ken KIMBER Green Party

Johnathan DA SILVA Independent

Tom SMITH Labour Party

Keith WILLIAMS The Conservative Party Candidate


St Andrew's

Bradley WILLIAMS Green Party

Beverly ELMER Independent

Jason MILLS Labour Party Candidate

Daniel ADAMS The Conservative Party Candidate


St Margaret's & South Marston

Kate FREEMAN Green Party

Sarah BENHAM Independent

Barrie JENNINGS Labour Party Candidate

Russell HOLLAND The Conservative Party Candidate


Walcot & Park North

Sharon NEWHAM Independent

Mohammed MIAH Labour Party

Dawn PAJAK Liberal Democrat

Francisco GOES The Conservative Party Candidate


Wroughton & Wichelstowe (2 Councillors)

Pippa FAIRBOURN Green Party

Simon FAIRBOURN Green Party

Shanti MABBERLEY Independent

Md HAMID Labour Party

Zohaib TARIQ Labour Party

Martin BARRETT Liberal Democrat

Adam POOLE Liberal Democrat

Brian FORD The Conservative Party Candidate

David MARTYN The Conservative Party Candidate


  • Parish Councils and Police and Crime Commissioner Elections for Wiltshire are also being held on that May 6th - details of those candidates will be posted in due course.

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