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A Winning Credit Union that helps you

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Wiltshire and Swindon Credit Union (WASCU) won the Best Credit Union (South) category in Smart Money People’s 2022 Consumer Credit Awards. The site is the UK’s best used for insight and reviews of financial services.

Judging was based on reviews left on the site by people who use services registered with Smart Money People.

Its loans are designed to help families who are unable to get credit elsewhere to prevent them from going to payday loan companies with crippling interest rates or even illegal loan sharks. Members open savings accounts and, provided they meet loan criteria, can take out loans, which are repaid monthly.

Its most popular product is its Family Loan, which requires members to have their Child Benefit paid into their savings account. They can then take out a maximum £500 loan and the credit union takes its weekly repayment direct from the benefit before passing on the balance the same day.

Wiltshire and Swindon Credit Union is based at Unit A, George Hall Court, Cavendish Square, Swindon, Wiltshire SN3 2LZ.

Phone: 01793 522216



Gary Lawrence: photo and information.

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