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RomCom Style Video

Anti Stalking Messages. CLICK to view

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Wiltshire Police and the office of the Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner habe commissioned the making of a 2-minute online video. It's a romcom style video!


In the last 12 months to March 2024 - 40% of all stalking crimes occur through use of technology.

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The two-minute film shows what appears on the surface as a happy couple, however when the relationship ends, the red flags soon appear with the behaviour escalating.


Assistant Chief Constable Mark Cooper said: “This campaign is encouraging victims and their families to spot the signs of stalking, how to report it and get support from organisations across Wiltshire and Swindon."


For further advice about spotting the signs of stalking and how to report it and seek support, visit . In an emergency always call 999.

If you are not sure if you are being stalked you can contact the National Stalking Helpline: or 0808 802 0300.

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme gives any member of the public the right to ask the police if their partner may pose a risk to them. It is often called 'Clare's Law.’ This scheme also allows a member of the public to make an enquiry into the partner of a close friend or family member. For more information on this visit:

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