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"The Power Of Community"

9 Hours. 28th November. Click for Audio

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Our annual Community Day in association with Zurich Community Trust.

The Hourly schedule of programming for the day... 9am to 5pm

If you have comments on any of the subjects, do get in touch...


SCHEDULE confirming each hour, which include...

9am "On The Money"

Financial support. Local Authority priorities.

guests include: Mark, Livewell Hub and Emma, Acorn Community Bank

10am: "Asyum Seekers and Refugees"

guests include representatives of the Harbour Project, and refugees

11am: "Focus On Inequalities"

guests: Jim Grant, Swindon Borough Council Cabinet Member for Community and Community Buildings

12 noon: Power Of Music

Music supports fundraising - and brings people together

Guests include Sarah from Sunshine Siingers - local Carers

1pm: Cost Of Living and Poverty

Foodbanks, Street food, Community support

2pm: Therapy Through Art

guests include: Emma from MAMs Gallery, Uplands Enterprise trust, Ipsum.

3pm: Domestic Abuse

guests from Sounds Like Women and ManKind and Swindon Domestic Abuse Service

4pm: Discussion and tribute to 50 years of Zurich Community Trust and its service to many local communities


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